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Given the Sackville Pub’s location right between Rozelle & Balmain, it should have been the pub of choice for West Tigers supporters looking to catch the game….. But it wasn’t. How could we strengthen the link between pub & club without the hefty investment of a traditional sponsorship?


Tiger Tales was a four part content series that invited the Tigers star players into to their local pub to share their stories, triumphs and tribulations of their individual and collective journey in the NRL.


Four Tigers players recorded a 40 min podcast which was filmed and edited into snackable social content and distributed on Sackville owned channels as well as they player’s. Players also recorded their own user generated content encouraging fans to visit the pub for key events & West Tigers games. They also attended at the Sackville’s ANZAC Day celebrations & hosted the 2 up to ensure a live experience component of the campaign.


• 26 pieces of content created
• 280,000+ engagements across all content
• 20% increase in ANZAC Day event F&B Sales
• National coverage by Channel 9, 10

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