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SKYN wanted to ensure they were the condom and lube of choice amongst revelers celebrating the Mardi Gras 40th year anniversary.


To bring to life SKYN’s ‘Feel Everything’ platform we created a Horizontal Dance Studio that allowed friends, lovers and others a spontaneous opportunity to express their love and desire and have it shared and celebrated with the world.


The activation at Fair Day, MG’s community day, consisted of a boudoir bedroom environment flipped 90 degrees that became our studio. Consumers could film a 15 sec video clip which was rotated to give the impression they were doing the ‘horizontal mambo’. Sample condom and lube packs were also distributed. The campaign concluded with sampling to the crowds at the MG pre-parade plus a photo activation and sampling at the official Mardi Gras After Party.


• 63,500 condom & lube samples distributed
• 282, 264 impressions from social media content
• 319 videos taken in the Horizontal Dance Studio with a total reach of video 39,553
• 19.5% video share rate
• 168,000 total experience impressions

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