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Narcos Season 2 was a hit, but as Pablo Escobar was killed at the end of the series, how could we drive interest in Season 3, and its focus on the little known Cali Cartel?


Educate viewers on the sheer scale of the global drug trade operated by the Cali Cartel to drive interest in season 3, but layer in local context to generate real interest.


Using official law enforcement data, we pinpointed key suburbs in Australia where high cocaine use and drug arrests were prevalent. Targeted OOH was created to highlight the hidden habits of these select suburbs & provide a link back to the season 3 launch. A mock financial report update called ‘Narconomics’ presented by Michael Pascoe was also created that outlined the rise & fall of the Cocaine trade in Australia & its link to the Cali Cartel which further promoted the launch.


Executions: TVC, Contextual Digital Video (running against news, economics and key entertainment sites) Geo-Targeted Street Posters & Premium OOH.

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