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Meet Generation More.

For today’s consumers, ownership as a need or aspiration is in continuous decline. They see more benefit to fewer ties in their fast-paced lives.

Urban Truth #1. ‘Experiential’ Content is King

The birth of social media, and the desire to portray our ‘best life’ has fuelled the experience economy. As everyone has become a creator, Gen More are always on the lookout for content to fill their channels. Experiences are when we’re most actively creating content.

Urban Truth #2. Experiences Last Forever, Campaigns don’t.

Advertising has become less and less effective as media has fragmented and our phone has become our primary channel. Brands that embrace this and create experiences, create deeper connections with consumers. Those moments go on to become a lasting part of the story of Gen More’s lives.

Urban Truth #3. Never ignore Generation More

Millennials have only ever lived in a world of abundance. Where any brand they want is available at their fingertips, but where every brand is screaming at them through thousands of advertising messages a day. So they’ve evolved to ignore ploys to secure their custom through traditional means.