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Starting A New Conversation

Holden was closing down Australian production and was introducing the first four fully imported European designed cars to its range. It needed to ignite a new connection with younger, urban Australians.

Australian Street Style

We found a way to do it. We enabled Holden to join the street style conversation running in fashion and lifestyle blogs and magazines. Renowned street style photographer, Scott Schuman, was brought to Australia to give Holden credibility in its new arena and generate interest. We sent him out on the streets to find and photograph those who epitomised Australian street style.

Unprecidented Interest

We pitched 8 feature ideas to key media. We expected a 60-80% uptake. 7 feature ideas were secured, an uptake of 87.5%. The ice between them had been well and truly broken. The campaign was also picked up by The Morning Show, making its effectiveness soar.

Exclusive Meet & Greet

Then we held an event at new, trending venue Automata, to consolidate Holden’s position for the new range as being urban, chic and sophisticated. With 100 VIP guests from fashion and lifestyle publications watching, we presented Holden’s Scott Schuman lifestyle photography collection.


The campaign achieved a GRP (Gross Reach Percentage) of 2.24 across the Australian Population. We were 13% more cost effective in reaching Australians than standard advertising. And we reached the audience we needed to target - 9.49% of the Sydney metro population and 4.41% (1 in 22) of all women in metropolitan areas.

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