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Igniting Tribal Passions

Telstra needed to improve how people in regional areas felt about it. People feel passionate about football. And they’re really into Game of Thrones. We realised that we could make that work for Telstra.

Execution - Fight of Fandoms

As an AFL sponsor, Telstra had a great asset. We knew that that was a key component we could use in our campaign. We bundled AFL passion and Game of Thrones fervour into a Telstra online event that recruited people into tribes, or fandoms, by area and pitted them against each other. The fandom that showed the most devotion to its local teams would rule the land.

Pledge Your Allegiance

People uploaded their residential address and planted their AFL team flag virtually outside their home via a Google Maps API hack and Street View images. Then they shared their allegiance selfie to recruit fellow fans.

To The Victor

The highly responsive ‘sticky’ website was designed to maximise immersion and sign-ups. High-impact campaign visuals appeared in-store Australia-wide. AFL players also championed program participation via Twitter and Facebook.


In a 30 day period we achieved:
• Campaign Interactions: 42,271
• Competition conversion: 19.69%
• Unique Pledges: 2,342

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