About Us

Who are we?

We’re the product of changing times, a new kind of strategic consultancy that also creates brilliant ideas.

We bridge the gap between insight and action by combining the rigour of management consultancies with the creativity of a creative agency in order to unleash your brands full potential.

 What is Unthinking?

Tradtional approaches deliver traditional outcomes.

We use Behavioral Economics to uncover hidden opportunities and Design Thinking to rapidly test, learn and iterate until we reach a power-packed solution. Unthinking helps business’ and brands find new ways to succeed.

Customer Strategy & Marketing

Success lies in building sustainable brands with viable futures. We connect boardroom vision with execution and help uncover new opportunities for growth, whether that be finding your next audience or maximising current relationships. 

We apply our insight-led and channel agnostic approach to media performance and optimisation, brand strategy and identity design.

Using Behavioural Economics and other decision sciences wehelp you navigate increasingly complex marketing landscapes. Then through powerful creative ideas and content, we help connect you to your advocates and purchasers.

See how we helped Airbnb understand and convert a new audience.

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Innovation & Growth

Most brands want to be at the forefront of customer and brand experience, but for many, real innovation feels unattainable. Legacy systems, practices, even culture can easily thwart the realisation of your market-leading position.

We help you navigate new product development, portfolio optimisation and implementation of new revenue and operational initiatives.

We also help you define achievable, best practice customer experiences and product interactions.

 See we how we helped The Economist find a new generatiob of readers.

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Transformation & Turn Around

The digital and physical evolution of traditional business models has changed everything for business leaders. No longer can you rely on making operational changes or reducing margin alone to compete. 

We apply Behavioural Economics to evaluate then optimise existing transformation plans.

For businesses beginning their digital transformation, analyzing 

past and present landscapes is crucial. Unrealised opportunities often teach us a lot.

We find this often uncovers other issues regarding your brand, service or product positioning.

To find out how we can help you understand and take advantage of new technology or make you the disruptor, let us get ‘under the hood’ today.

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Organisation & People

Organisational change is never easy. We help you to develop strategies and tools that bring your organisation along with you, as you evolve and expand. 

Our solutions build sustainable platforms and programs that provide measurable and actionable frameworks. We focus on creating better ways of shifting behaviour, easing anxieties and creating cohesion around new company visions.

True to our agile methodology, we work to rapidly deploy and create improvements in the field. 

See how we helped PwC make organisation change, easier than a walk in the park.

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Digital, Data & Analytics

Data is critically important to long-term business success, but for most businesses it throws up more questions than it answers. 

Big data? Privacy? Retention? Loyalty? Advocacy? Data can be a powerful vehicle for unlocking growth but only if it’s used the right way. 

We use data differently.  We believe in ‘Thick Data’ and creating 

more opportunity by better understanding the context of your current data.

We help you be smarter about establishing long-term customer viability to finding your next customer.

See our work to help Coca-Cola find and reconnect with a generation of lapsed drinkers.

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How to get started

We believe the best way to help you Unthink is to get ‘under the hood’, that’s we structure our programs using an initial discovery phase. It lets you see our method in action, as well as get a real handle on you problem and the right tools to fix it.

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