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Drink More Coke

At the end of 2015, Coca-Cola had a problem. Sales were down. Coca-Cola asked us to get teens to drink more Coke. We didn’t think that was the solution.

Reigniting love for Coca-Cola

So we asked lapsed users if they’d like to remember what the taste of Coke feels like. Then we gave them a Coke occasion worth remembering.

Surprise & Delight Content

We surprised a lucky few at their BBQ, Party or Camping Trip. Sometimes with a special guest like Rugby League legend, Billy Slater. We shared these with Australia smashing Coke’s benchmarks for how content performs. Engagement, views and positive comments doubled.

Coke Delivery Team

No mass sampling. We hand delivered icy cold Cokes to 1216 homes, workplaces and get-togethers all over Australia. And they did the work of spreading the word further on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


Engagement, views and positive comments doubled. We helped 45,840 Australians remember just how great a Coke tastes, with no mass sampling. That was 2.3 times Coke’s expectation. We even managed to drive demand in Coke’s heartland areas.

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